About Us

Diontj LLC….I guess you are wondering where that name came from right?…maybe not.  But we want to tell you anyway.  The name comes from a my middle name plus the first and last initials of my maiden name….as simple as that. My name is Tishah Britt.  I have over 14 years of graphic design and printing experience.  I began providing graphic design and printing freelance services since 2009 in South Carolina and decided to turn this into a business  in 2016, which is now based in Porterdale, Georgia.  We provide a wide range of graphic design and printing needs, no matter the size.  We provide customized services and products for individuals, families, and small businesses to match what you are trying to accomplish.  Our core values are

  • Exceptional customer service
  • Ensuring that our services and product are delivered with quality
  • Ensuring that the delivery of our product and services are on as promised.

We want to make the interaction with us more than just business, a relationship …. not complicated, just simple.   And that is how we want to make the services and products available …. as simple as that.